[kde-linux] KDE 3.4.1 + X.org 6.8.2 + GeForce MX 4400 + nVidia modules = freeze... but not always!

Jim Philips briarpatchkid at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 21 12:06:49 UTC 2005

Marcin 'golish' Goliszewski wrote:

>On Wednesday 21 of September 2005 12:58, Jason Ahrens wrote:
>>There was something very similar to this awhile back. I have not
>>tried any newer nVidia driver since this came up, and I experienced
>>the same problem (kde freezing upon startup, not even drawing the
>>full splash properly)
>>The going theory is that it was a conflict between nVidia cards, and
>>some advanced feature the driver was trying to do with certain
>>hardware combinations.
>>Here are some links to various bug descriptions. If anyone might know
>>different information, an update is appreciated:
>Right, this indeed sounds very similar. But there is one slight (but, I 
>think, crucial) difference: I have a perfectly usable configuration on 
>one of the accounts. I experience no problem when logging in as my 
>self, no crashes, no freezes - everything is completely fine. This is 
>what makes me think that it's a user-KDE-config problem. Maybe the 
>default KDE configuration uses some advanced graphic functions which I 
>have turned off (and forgot about it)? If so, where should I look for 
>such options?
>Also - please take a while to look at the strace's log. It's quite 
>interesting - it shows that some process is waiting in an infinite 
>select() for the Xserver's response (i.e. it tries to 
>read /tmp/.X11-unix/X1) but fails to get it. Maybe this is the right 
>way to start looking for the problem? Unfortunately my knowledge about 
>KDE is to small to interpret this situation properly.
Looking at your logs, I would say you have a font path problem. It seems 
to be finding the path in /home/test. Maybe the font path is wrong or 
nonexistent for other users.

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