[kde-linux] mapping middle mouse button to 'back' possible?

orcishhan orcishhan at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Sep 17 06:32:38 UTC 2005

try imwheel, it maps mouse clicks to keyboard actions

在 2005年9月17日 星期六 08:26,hyperaesthetic 写道:
> Howdy,
> Is mapping middle mouse button to 'backspace' possible? I am a linux noobie
> and looked at xmodmap, but it doesn't say I can map a keyboard value
> (backspace) to a button click.
> I want to do this because that's how I set it up on my windows machine. I'd
> prefer this modification to be limited to firefox and konqueror, but that's
> not as important as getting it to work.
> Thank you for your help.

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