[kde-linux] curses and konsole

Eric Guirbal eric.guirbal at cegetel.net
Fri Sep 16 21:43:34 UTC 2005


I'm working on a front end to a MySQL database using python and the module 
curses. But I have a little display problem with Konsole. More precisely, 
when I apply the border method, between each character _ one blank space is 
inserted. I checked the variable $TERM I think my program is clear because 
the same display problem occur with Midnight Commander. By a similar problem 
posted on a debian list I've tried

import locale

without success. On the other hand, it is ok in a xterm or rxvt terminal. I 
use python 2.3, ncuses 5.3 and Konsole 1.2.3 (KDE 3.1.3) and my
system is in iso-8859-15. All clue is welcome.

Eric Guirbal

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