[kde-linux] Problem restoring KMail after crash

Paul Brannon pbbrannon at verizon.net
Fri Sep 16 12:43:53 UTC 2005

Hi - 

I had a drive failure, and after getting reloading Mandriva 2005 LE tried to 
restore my mail.  Problem.  When the splash screen got to 85%, I got the 

> "KMail could not create folder '$Home/.Mail
>  please make sure that you can view and modify the
>  content of the folder '/home/paul'

My environment variable $HOME was set right, and I had apprioriate privileges 
to the folder.

Ann Wilson suggested finding the file

>where there is a lline
>I don't think it would do any harm to try changing $HOME there 
>to /home/paul, and you can always change it back if it doesn't work.  If 
>it does work we should report it back to the list, for the sake of the 

It worked like a charm.

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