[kde-linux] KDE Konqueror Media Handler Extensions Customization

James Cornell tuxdaemon at unixdevil.org
Thu Sep 15 18:41:43 UTC 2005

Hello.  I'd like to know how I'd go about putting the media mime links
with full unmount/mount support as provided under media:/ on system:/. 
I'm customizing my KDE installation on my sister's computer to make it
feel more comfortable to use.  I have already discovered the
share/apps/*view directories under the KDE root which contain .desktop
files for customizing the view under Konqueror for system (Systemview).  I
don't know how to get the media:/ links over to system:/ though.  Any

Basically I want to customize the settings:/ handler and add icons from my
KDE system menu and put device links for floppy, dvd/cdrw, and the root
drive under system:/.  I assume I need to create hard .desktop files with
name entries to do this like the system.desktop file is in
share/apps/systemview.  Thanks in advance.

James Cornell
UnixDevil.org Development

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