[kde-linux] How to install YM

Lasse Liehu lliehu at kolumbus.fi
Wed Sep 14 13:05:59 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 11:06, rex everett tibus wrote:
> Hello. I don't know if I'm asking a smart question, but I'm really in a
> quandary on what to do.  My problem is how to install Yahoo Messenger to a
> Linux OS. I already visited Yahoo site and have read the instruction on how
> to install YM to linux they only tested it with Red Hat Linux.  I am using
> Bayanihan Linux and I'm not sure if the YM is compatible with my OS. 
> Hoping for anybody's tips and advice. Thanks and more power.

Kopete? It's a part of the KDE project (comes with KDE, in kdenetwork 
package). So if you have KDE installed, you should can find Kopete from 

Kopete's site: http://kopete.kde.org/

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