[kde-linux] Problem with "Kwrited" daemon on KDE 3.4.2

Frank Krauss fmfkrauss at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 11 21:40:03 UTC 2005

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of Upgrading my KDE system to 3.4.2.
I'm using the Konstruct System to do this Upgrade.
I have so far installed KDElibs, KDEbase and KDEpim.

When doing some testing, I found that the "kwrited' program does not
appear to be working.
When a "wall" command is entered from another User on my System while I'm
using KDE, I do not get the Window on the KDE screen with the Wall message
as I expected.

I have checked the following components that are related to kwrited but
I can't see any obvious errors:
1.  In the KDE Control Center, under Service Manager, in the Starting Services
    area, the KDE Write Daemon box is Checked ant the Status says "Running"
2.  At KDE Startup, I see the following message in the Log:
    kded: Successfully loaded module 'kwrited'
3.  At the end of running KDE, I see the following message in the Log:
    KWrited - Listening on Device /dev/pts/0
4.  In /proc/filesystems, it shows devpts
5.  in "/dev/pts", everything looks Valid
6.  The "utempter" on my system is 0.5.5
7.  Environment
    A. Hardware     - Pentium 4, 256Mb Ram
    B. Distribution - Caldera 2.3
    C. Kernel       - Linux 2.6.9
    D. GCC          - 3.4.3
    E. GLIBC        - 2.3.3
    F. XFree86      - 4.4.0

I can't find anything obviously wrong with my system and so I would like to
request anyone who know anything about "kwrited" to explain to me what I
have to do in order to get this function to work correctly.

Any information that someone could supply to me to get this problem fixed
would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Frank Krauss

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