[kde-linux] symlink in konqueror

Christophe Gaubert christophe-gaubert at wanadoo.fr
Sat Sep 10 09:08:20 UTC 2005

Stuart Norman a écrit :
> I've been running Mandrake/Mandriva for some years. There used to be create a 
> symlink on the popup menu when using drag/drop in konqueror. Was this removed 
> from KDE/konqueror or is this another distressing sign of MDK f***ing with 
> KDE? I think I'm ready to switch to PCLinuxOS. 

I'm using Mandriva 2005 and KDE 3.3.2. The possibility to do a symlink 
appears in the popup menu when I drag-and-drop a file.

Christophe Gaubert
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