[kde-linux] My screensaver never activates

vytas pramintas at takas.lt
Wed Sep 7 16:56:27 UTC 2005

Just make time before display goes of longer. I run Mandriva with KDE 
and i can acomplish this by right clicking on desktop>Configure 
Desktop..>Display>choose Power Control tab and set it as i like.

Larry Alkoff wrote:

>How can I get the screensaver to activate and stay on.
>My screensaver seems to never activate although it's set to come on in 
>20 minutes in Control Center Appearence & Themes > Screensaver.
>What I get is a black screen after some timeout (10-15 minutes).
>The only way I can get it started at all is to put
>the cursor on the top right corner of the screen and
>wait approx 10 seconds.  Screensaver will then start but reverts to a 
>black screen after the timeout.
>Advanced options > Autolock is set to on for Upper right corner.
>Require password to stop and Make aware of power management are _not_ 

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