[kde-linux] Problem Running Program in a New Session

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Sat Oct 29 17:45:56 UTC 2005

I'm using KDE 3.3. 
I'm having trouble doing something that used to be easy in KDE 3.2. I need  
to make a link on my desktop to run Nautilus (I know, it's Gnome) in a NEW  
SESSION each time I run it. 
In KDE 3.2, I just made a "Link to Application" and In the command area of  
the Link, I wrote: 
su myusername --login --command="nautilus"
In the Advanced Properties of the link, I selected "Run in Terminal" 
When I clicked on the link, a Konsole terminal would open, asking me for my  
password. When I entered the password, Nautilus would open as a "new session". 
 That is, any changes that had been made in membership to Linux Groups would 
be  reflected in what directories in Nautilus I could access.  (In other 
words,  if I had been added to a group, and the group had write access to a 
directory,  now I could have write access to the directory through Nautilus). 
Then, when I exited from Nautilus, the Konsole terminal would close and  
everything would be great. 
However, when I do the same thing in KDE 3.3: 
a)  Nautilus doesn't seem to run as a new session, and if I have been  added 
to a Linux group that has write access to a directory, I don't get write  
access in Nautilus. I would have to either log out of KDE and log back in, or  
reboot the computer. 
b)  When exiting Nautilus, the Konsole terminal does not close. 
Can anybody give me a solution to both of these problems? 
Thanks in advance. 

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