[kde-linux] No aRts in KDE 4.4?

James White james at resolutionit.ca
Fri Oct 28 12:43:20 UTC 2005

On October 28, 2005 03:29 pm, John Layt wrote:
> So, in KDE4, arts will be deprecated and will not be replaced.  In it's
> place will be KDEMM, a thin api layer which defines a standard way for
> applications to access the sound system of the users/distros choice, i.e.
> there will be plugins for gstreamer, NMM, etc, the initial implementation
> will be for arts so you can keep that if you like.  This will save apps
> like amaroK from having to write a new backend for every sound server their
> users want to use.

I am relaxing.  Thank you all.

James White

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