[kde-linux] imap over kmail

Fulup Ar Foll fulup at fridu.homelinux.net
Wed Oct 26 08:16:59 UTC 2005

I have more or less an equivalent configuration. This is for sure not a KDE 
problem but only a mail configuration issue. Personally

 - I collect mail from a couple of source (under pop and imap)
 - I store everything in an imap Cyrus server on my server.
 - when travelling I use OpenVPN and Kmail from my Laptop to read my mails.

In order to do so:

 === install cyrus and transfer your existing mails ====
 1) install Cyrus imapd + cyrus-sasl from RPM or other sources
 2) start saslauthd + imapd (probably from /etc/init.d)
 2) create your self a mailbox under cyrus (with cyradm)
 3) if not using cyrus-sasl create a user with saslpasswd2
 4) connect with kmail on your local cyrus server
 5) tranfer your folder from your ~/Mail to Cyrus folder with kmail 

 === collect your mail from remote sources ========
 1) install fetchmail
 2) for POP use under fetchmail something like:
    > poll pop.my-mail-provider.com           \
    > protocol pop3                                       \
    > user   your-remote-login                      \
    > password  your-remote-password       \
    > is your-local-login-under-cyrus here    \
    > smtphost "/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp" \
    > fetchall

 3) is you need to run anti-spam + antivus then you need to install postfix
     you can then use local mail delivering mode to post mail toward cyrus
     mail store. In this case the fetchmail config change for:
    > poll pop.my-mail-provider.com           \
    > protocol pop3                                       \
    > user   your-remote-login                      \
    > password  your-remote-password       \
    > is your-local-login-under-cyrus at localhost here    \
    > fetchall

 4) if you have to synchronise your mail from a remote imap server
  use something like mailsync http://mailsync.sourceforge.net

=== When outside with your LAPTOP
 1) look your mail through webmail (install SquirrelMail)
 2) look your mail with imap over SSL (validate TLS on your cyrus server)
 3) I like better VPN than imaps over SSL, because it allow to make a bunch of 
other thing on my server when I am travelling, I personally use OpenVPN

Note: under SuSE all those tools are available on default installation CDs.

Good Luck.


Le Mercredi 26 Octobre 2005 03:29, Luke Campagnola a écrit :
> I've got a seemingly rare setup on my desktop computer: I run a mail server
> on my computer which collects mail forwarded from various other servers. My
> mail is then collected by kmail, passed through my long list of filters,
> and finally separated into various maildir directories under ~/Mail.
> Now, when I'm using my laptop, I can access my calendar and contact files
> remotely via fish, but there seems to be no easy way to do the same for my
> e-mail.
> The best way I can think of would be to run an IMAP server on my desktop
> which just reads mail from ~/Mail, however I have had a very difficult time
> getting this to work. Kmail says that it will play nicely with other mail
> clients using the same directories, and the IMAP server should be just like
> any other client. I have tried most of the IMAP servers available in the
> debian repository (courier, dovecott, cyrus, uw), but no luck.
> Has anybody else gotten something like this to work, or have you found an
> alternate solution to remotely accessing your desktop mail files?
> Thanks,
> Q
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