[kde-linux] Fwd: Re: Fwd: default desktop for all users

Robert Cole mailinglist at support4linux.com
Fri Oct 14 18:04:39 UTC 2005

I certainly a good measure to rollout but what I'm looking for is before they 
get to the desktop, the KDM login screen default session. I'll try taking out 
all the .desktop files that relate to desktops and see if that works.


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Subject: Re: [kde-linux] Fwd:  default desktop for all users
Date: Friday 14 October 2005 06:04 am
From: Jan de Visser <jdevisser at digitalfairway.com>
To: kde-linux at kde.org

On Friday 14 October 2005 08:27, James White wrote:
> I believe that KDE has a tool for this.  It just seems so intuitive.  Let's
> keep looking.  It must exist ;-)  




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