[kde-linux] compatibility MP3-player

darren kirby bulliver at badcomputer.org
Mon Oct 3 21:31:57 UTC 2005

quoth the Christophe Gaubert:
> vaheideh at cms.hu-berlin.de a écrit :
> > I am considering changing from windows to linux (most probably Suse 9.2
> > or 9.3)
> > But not all hardware (like printers etc.) are compatible with linux. Does
> > anybody know if USB2.0 MP3-players have this problem aswell, and if, does
> > anybody know if I can use the Creative Labs Zen Nano with linux SuSe?
> I think you should try a Suse mailing list. It's not a KDE-related
> question. See for example :
> http://lists.suse.com/archive/

I'm not sure this is any more of a Suse question than a KDE question...

In any event, I would recommend that the OP check with linuxprinting.org to 
check the status of his printer, do a google for "linux hardware 
compatability lists" for everything else.

And also, almost every (if not all) portable mp3 players mount under linux as 
a standard USB hardrive, allowing you to move your mp3s on and off the 

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