[kde-linux] kmail doesn't filter spam with spamassassin

andrew kar akar3d at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jul 28 15:26:19 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 11:12, christophe wrote:
> you don't need to put only spamc in the filter action, you have to use
> "spamassassin -d | spamc" which forces kmail to have rewritten headers in
> the mail.
> Now it works.

Like anything there are no doubt dozens of ways to do it. The autogenerated 
filters dont use spamc at all;
The first filter selects all mails under 256k and pipe it through spamassassin 
-L ,leaving the checkbox unchecked for "if this filter matches, stop here" 
The 2nd filter checks if "X-Spam-flag contains yes" and then file into folder 
TRASH or SPAM (whatever u want to call it) and mark as spam, mark as read, if 
you had those options ticked in the wizard.
If filter matches, stop processing here is checked for this one.

Then you can have 2 more filters which do not apply to incoming messages but 
are added to the apply filter menu and given icons so that they appear on 
your toolbar which are to manually mark messages as spam or not spam for 
incorrectly identified mails and to teach the filter.
Mark as spam selects any mail size >=0
marks as spam
executes sa-learn -L --spam --no-rebuild --single
then files into spam folder

The non spam selects as above
marks as ham
executes sa-learn -L --ham --no-rebuild --single
It does NOT but probably should have a move back to inbox as it would 
generally be in your spam or trash folder.
Both have stop processing if matched.

However your wizard should work; just delete the others you made and then run 
it because as you say they are probably affecting it; (Most certainly they 
would, not because of any possible name conflict but by leaving the headers 
in an uncertain state)


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