[kde-linux] [KDE3.4] Applets doesn't stay in topscreen bar

Arnaud mags34 at club-internet.fr
Wed Jul 27 16:04:39 UTC 2005

Hi !

I use KDE 3.4 and a "MacOs X like" topbar.

Till today, everything was fine, I had added few applets in the topbar 
and it worked just fine.

But today I accidentally removed an applet of the panel (I added a new 
one, thought it was not usefull and accidentally selected the wrong 
applet to drop from the bar). So I added it again to the bar and did not 
notice any problem. After restarting my computer, I surprisingly noticed 
the applet had not start. Adding it again make it stay for the session, 
but when I logout, I loose the applet in the bar.

I have removed all the applets from the bar, changed to a default style 
(not OsX like) and then I went back to my OsX bar with applets but they 
still don't want to stay :(

Arghh !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me, cause now none of the applets stay 
(clock, ...).

What's wrong ? Where does KDE saves its panel configuration ?



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