[kde-linux] KDE 3.4 kicker crashes in Fedora Core 4

BRUCE STANLEY bruce.stanley at prodigy.net
Wed Jul 27 16:44:48 UTC 2005

I have been having kicker crashes (signal 11) now and then
on FC4 when using the KDE desktop.

It seems to occur whenever I run the 'Control Center'
program to change things.

Example:  use control center to change the stye and
          colors used by KDE.

          Then changes take effect ok, but when I
          log out, the kicker crash occurs.

          When I log back in, all the changes I made
          are still there and KDE acts like nothing
          ever happen.

I have applied all the kde updates 
(e.g kdebase, kdelib, kdegraphics), arts and alsa
updates, and the xorg updates found on the FC4
download site.

Note:  other types of changes can be made in the
       control center may also cause kicker crashes.

Has anyone else been having problems with kicker?

ps: yes I re-created my  ~/.kde  dir after updates
    were applied.

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