[kde-linux] XMMS, other apps, and the kde system tray

Thomas McGuire thomasmg at web.de
Tue Jul 26 18:00:37 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 26 July 2005 15:45, Matt `da Wolf wrote:
> Hello. 

> [..] I frequently use XMMS and WINAMP on either partition. On
> Windows, I'm able to reach Winamp from the system tray without an entry
> in the taskbar. I've given it some thought and there are some other apps
> that could use this feature. Instead of becoming a XMMS issue, I thought
> I'd ask if there are programs that pin things to the system tray in KDE
Check kde-apps.org, there is an app which can dock any other app in the 
system tray. It is called KDocker. I think you have to compile it yourself 

You can also use kstart --skiptaskbar --tosystray <appname> from commandline 
to do this.

> or if there are plans to build such a feature. [..]
Furhermore, the KWin maintainer is working on this feature to be in KDE 
natively, which means KDE 4 will hopefully have much better support for this 
(like a button in the titlebar of the window to dock it in the systemtray).

Hope that helps,

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