[kde-linux] Media metadata suddenly no longer show in tooltip or file properties!

Joe Crollard lunar_raven at msn.com
Tue Jul 26 03:54:53 UTC 2005


I have no idea why this changed..but normally in konqueror, when I'd hover 
over an mp3 or ogg file, it would display some metadata in the tooltip. You 
know..like 'artist' 'album' 'date' etc would be there... Now, it's no longer 
doing this. Instead, it's just showing general file info...like filesize, 
filename, and such.  Does anyone know how to get this back? Recently, I've 
also noticed that in the file properties, there is also no meta tag options 
like their should be. Well, there's only one in the properties tag, and 
that's 'name'.  It's always empty as well, and does not show on the tooltip. 
  It's kind of annoying without these features, as I use it to quickly 
organazie my music files. Also, this just changed recently..everything was 
working fine. I didn't do anything, that I know of..unless I unintentially 
broke a package of some sort.

As an experiment, I moved my .kde .local and .config files out of my home 
file. So, they made new ones..but my problem still exists. I'm not sure if 
this is a kde problem or not.  I'm on SuSE 9.3 with KDE 3.4.  If some sort 
of package could be broken or missing, please tell me.  I really need some 
help.  Also, just to get this out of the way...tooltips are enabled in the 
'configure konqueror' settings.  So they SHOULD show, however they do not.

As I said, maybe a package needs to be reinstalled, that contains files to 
make this this stuff happen? If so..what package?

Oddly enough this has happened to me in the past..and I never found a 



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