[kde-linux] Kde apps frozen in printer jobs

gilbertonunes gilbertonunes at selbetti.com.br
Thu Jul 21 18:05:56 UTC 2005

Hi all there....  
I have some problem when I send print jobs for the followning apps:  
koffice 1.3.5  
konqueror 3.4.1  
I using Debian Sarge 3.1.  
I have use apt to install kde 3.4.1, from pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org...  
The older kde version is 3.3.2, that come default with Sarge... 
After update the kde packages, I can't print any jobs wiht konqueror or 
koffice, via cups/kprinter... 
All printers is install via socket and bind in port 9100, 'cause all 
printers are a NetWork Printer... 
The apps mentioned above simples frozen, and don't responde any more... 
Some one know how can I fix this problem? 
Thanks for all attempt to help-me! 
Any help is welcome... 
P.S: Sorry for my poor English.... 
Acesse o link abaixo para conhecer nossa empresa:   
Selbetti Equip. Escritorio Ltda  
Fone =  

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