[kde-linux] Send popup message to all users logging via KDE

Patrick Trettenbrein patrick.trettenbrein at kdemail.net
Wed Jul 20 20:02:29 UTC 2005

Am Dienstag, 19. Juli 2005 20:18 schrieb Jonathan Chen (jonachen):
> Hi All,
> I am wondering what is the best way of sending to users logging into KDE
> graphically from the start.
> I am thinking of using the kdialog program (or xdialog) to send the
> message out.
> Here is the scenario...
> 1) User X starts KDE and KDE is fully loaded up
> 2) Once loading is complete, a popup message appears on their screen
> saying "Please don't do blah..."
> 3) After seeing the message, the message will go away after a click on
> the ok button.

simply put a script for example named dialog.sh into ~/.kde/Autostart. The 
script should contain the follwing

kdialog --msgbox "Information you want to provide" --title "title of the 

Hope I could help :)

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