[kde-linux] Send popup message to all users logging via KDE

Jonathan Chen (jonachen) jonachen at cisco.com
Wed Jul 20 16:33:29 UTC 2005

Thanks all for the good suggestions.  It is something to take into


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> > On Tuesday 19 July 2005 20:18, Jonathan Chen (jonachen) wrote:
> > That's it.   I do not believe putting the script in Autostart will
> > work??  Maybe work in /usr/share Autostart?
> One slightly different approach you can try depending on 
> exactly what you want to say to the user is actually to 
> customise the login banner. You can change it to an image of 
> any sort you want and you can also type your own text for the 
> greeting. If you want users to agree to not doing anything 
> silly on the computer, you could change the login banner to 
> an image on which you've used an application like the gimp to 
> write something like:
> 'Clicking 'login' and logging into our computer systems 
> signifies your agreement to these terms: X, Y, and Z'
> This can be achieved through Kcontrol -> System 
> Administration -> Login Manager. You'll need to click the 
> 'Administrator mode' button to gain root permissions.
> Otherwise, you can use a kdialog message box with an 'ok' 
> button or a passive popup and place the script in 
> $KDEDIR/share/autostart.
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