[kde-linux] Where can I find documentation on ~/Desktop files?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 19 23:02:51 UTC 2005

Larry Alkoff wrote:
> For each icon that appears on the KDE desktop, there is a corresponding 
> program_name.desktop file in ~/Desktop.
> Recently I found out it is possible to specify the title on the 
> application window Title Bar by adding a -title specification on the 
> Exec line thus:
> Exec=/bin/win -title "Windows 98"
> So far I have found only one reference that discusses the format of a 
> .desktop file at
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html
> but it is incomplete.
> For example, it says parameters may be added to the Exec line but 
> doesn't way which ones so the -title trick above is not even mentioned.

The command line parameters are not part of the 'desktop' file format. 
You use the exact same parameters as if you started the app from the 
command line except that you can use the substitutions (e.g. %f, %u, 
etc) documented at the above link.

So, you need to either consult (for KDE apps) the Help document -- enter 
"help:/<app_name>" in Konqueror or use the Help Center -- or open a 
Konsole and execute: "<app_name> --help-kde" for the list containing 
"--caption" or <app_name> --help-all" for all command line parameters. 
For non-KDE applications you might consult the man page -- enter 
"man:/,app_name> in Konqueror to view -- or consult the application's 


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