[kde-linux] Choice of RealAudio plugin and application in Konqueror - BIG PROBLEM

John Hunt john.kde at yoredale.uklinux.net
Fri Jul 15 15:13:23 UTC 2005

On Friday 15 Jul 2005 09:18, Anne Wilson wrote:
> John - I think there is a big problem here.  After further investigation
> I find that some broadcasts are in .ram format, and it's easy to get them
> playing, but others have the suffix .rpm - which is configured to use
> Software Installer.

In Mozilla-firefox, the .rpm's (eg at 
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio4_aod.shtml?radio4/makinghistory ) 
caused a prompt to install a missing plugin. This went away when I 
installed RealPlayer 10, and the plugin works well. However, on my system 
konqueror uses a kaffeine plugin, both before and after I installed  
RealPlayer 10.

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