[kde-linux] Installed 3.4.1, now what?

ne... akabi at speakeasy.net
Fri Jul 15 11:12:54 UTC 2005

On Jul 15, 2005 at 10:53, David Baron in a soothing rage wrote:

> I installed 3.4.1 using konstruct. Only error, which I make -Bi bypassed,
> was with a database interface. I set my paths in /etc/profile and 
> also set in /etc/init.d/kdm because this overrode those. I still 
> come up with the 3.3.2 KDE. How do I fix it to run the new (local - 
> ~/kde3.4.1) install?
Your $PATH has the old $KDEDIR/bin location ofter the system one. You 
need to change this. You can try setting this in ~/.bash_profile.
Depending on what distro you use, there may be other places you need
to change this too.

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