[kde-linux] Fan runs continuously

christophe christophe.dr at free.fr
Sun Jul 10 19:05:53 UTC 2005

Le dimanche 10 Juillet 2005 20:51, Gregg Morris a écrit :
> Hello--
> I'm running SuSE 9.2 Pro on a Toshiba Satellite 2805-S402 (P-III
> 850MHz, 256M Ram) laptop. When using KDE as my window manager, the
> laptop's fan runs continuously. If I use another window manager, like
> WindowMaker or FVWM, the fan behaves as I expect it to (cycling on and
> off periodically).
> Can anyone suggest how I might debug this? I thought about just
> killing KDE processes one by one, but that seems way too brute force!
> Can I try something a little more intelligent than that?

Well, did you try to run a 'top' in a konsole terminal or to run 
'ksysguard' (ctrl + esc) to check if there is a process eating the whole cpu 
time. This would explain why your cpu is eating and then why your fan is 
running fast to cool it down.
If find the guilty process eating all ur cpu time, you can then find the 
If the fan continuous run is not caused by a 'furious' process there is 
another solution : You can monitor cpu temperature and fan speed by 
installing lm_sensors (run sensors-detect to configure it) and ksensors (or 
gkrellm). if ur sensor chip is able to, you can also use /etc/sensors.conf 
(in lm_sensors package) to set the fan speed according to cpu temperature.

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