[kde-linux] Need help with samsung ML-2250

John Foster jfoster at augustmail.com
Thu Jul 7 13:01:32 UTC 2005

Subject: Need help with samsung ML-2250
From: John Foster <jfoster at augustmail.com>

I have a spanking new Samsung ML-2250 printer installed. I set it up  (Debian
Unstable with KDE) and I had to use a driver from Samsung [who knew?] yep
guys they actually have a Gnome based installer on the factory Cd & get this
it says along with others that it is compatible with Debian 2.2.. The problem
is I use KDE and so I used the .ppd file from the cd & set up the driver with
KDE's installer. I actually got it to work though incorrectly on the first
try but I had set up the wrong driver so I did it again with the correct
driver & voila it immediately set up and recognized the printer. I then tried
to print a test page but no job was generated. I am using the CUPS system.
Anyone have any experience with this printer. Any suggestions as to what I am
doing wrong . I do not want to set up a Gnome system just to use their
John Foster

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