[kde-linux] CD automatic mounting and browsing in KDE upon cd insertion

Amos Tibaldi amos_tibaldi at libero.it
Tue Jul 5 01:39:53 UTC 2005

	I would like to control the behavior that makes the KDE file manager (Konqueor) 
start when I place a CD in the CDROM and browse the newly mounted CD location. 
	Someone in the list says this is dued to an "automounter", and I don't think that he would
refer to autofs, since the support is mounted in the mountpoint described in /etc/fstab.
	What could be done for modifying this at the lowest level possible (I intend
KDE basic configuration, possibly not graphical, even compilation with konstruct).
	I use Fedora Core 1.b, and have read in the mailing list that in SUSE 9.1
is possible to configure the SuSEPlugger in order to obtain the desired effect; does
anyone knows how to do this in Fedora?

Any help would be appreciated,
thanks in advance.

Amos T.

amos_tibaldi (at) libero (dot) it
amos(dot)tibaldi (at) vodafone (dot) it

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