[kde-linux] Problems with accents on KDE

Anderson de Rezende Rocha phiberoptic_br at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jul 3 18:53:25 UTC 2005


I'm with problems using KDE. Suddenly, all my KDE applications stopped
allowing accentuation. When I use kwrite, kile, kdevelop... I can't use
accents anymore. However, others aplications non-kde under KDE like
Emacs, Eclipse, Firefox still allow accentuation. 

I tried to config via locales, kcontrol (selecting the ABNT2 keyboard,
usa-intl and nothing fired). I'm using KDE 3.2 and Mandrake 10.0. 

Could anyone help me? I have to prepare a big report using KILE (It's
easier than emacs, I think) and I can't use accents at this moment. 

I really appreciate any help, thanks.

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