[kde-linux] Strange Konqueror Problem

Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 3 12:48:33 UTC 2005

Konqueror 3.4.0/KDE 3.4.o level "b"/SuSE 9.3

If I attempt to change to a subdirectory, or open a file, I get a 'Can't open 
directory <name>' error.  However I can open a directory by right clicking on 
the directory and selecting Open in a new window.

Browsing the net, however, Konqueror doesn't demonestrate this behavior.

This isn't a serious problem as I prefer Krusader as a file manager and 
Netscape as a browser.  It is, rather, somewhat perplexing.

What is going on, or more importantly, how do I fix it.
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