[kde-linux] OpenGL Fullscreen/Window Move causing KDE to shutdown

Steve Damm shinhalsafar at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 31 23:33:13 UTC 2005

I am running Mandriva 2006 on an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop. The video card 
in question is an SiS M760GX, 64MB.  The system installed fine with no 
issue's.  The desktop I always use is KDE 3.4 I believe is what Mandriva 
came with.

If I run an openGL app in KDE (a windowed mode openGL app) it seemingly 
works fine; I can use the app, the graphics work fine.  However, if I 
try to move the window or switch to fullscreen mode KDE terminates 
smoothly and I'm back at the KDM login screen.  This problem includes 
apps as simple as glxgears to some more heavy games.  I was surprised 
when glxgears did the same thing, at first I thought this was an SDL 
issue but glxgears doesn't use SDL.  So that leads me to my next test.

I tried failsafe mode and ran the same apps, they all work 100% fine.  
Not a single problem for any of them, I can move em, fullscreen, they 
run fine...

So I dismissed SDL as the culprit, it cannot be OpenGL since I got it 
working just fine in failsafe.  I do believe KDE is a more likely 
canditate which is why I'm posting here.

Any advice?
Any logs I should post?
Any sort of information needed?


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