[kde-linux] volume automatically resets to zero in KDE

Suchit Jhunjhunwala jsuchit at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 18:30:31 UTC 2005


 I'm using a dell inspiron 8600. I upgraded from fc3 to fc4, and now I'm
having a weird problem with the sound volume in kde. when I start kde, I get
the volume splash screen which remains permanently stuck on the screen as
long as kde is running, superceding all applications. And the master sound
remains at zero. i can increase the volume using kmix or the volume buttons
on dell's keyboard, but it immediately goes back to zero. In Kmix the other
volumes can be increased, but master volume remains stuck at zero. The
problem persists when i downgrade from KDE 3.5 to KDE 3.4.2 (all kde
application were downgraded). It was not occuring in KDE 3.4.2 with fc3.
This problem does not occur when i use gnome. I really want to use KDE.
Kindly suggest me what to do.

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