[kde-linux] KDE panel...

John Burton j.c.burton at gats-inc.com
Thu Dec 22 18:26:06 UTC 2005

I normally don't reply to my own messages but...

To add insult to injury, I just noticed that the menu editor does not 
come up. I right-click on the kde menu button on the taskbar, and it 
lists "Menu Editor" as one of the options. I click on "Menu Editor" and 
nothing happens. I'm running "top" in another window, and don't notice 
anything new happening when I click on menu editor...

Thoughts?  Suggestions? What obvious simple little thing have I over looked?


John Burton wrote:

>I am running a Fedora Core 4 system, and recently (yesterday) ran a "yum 
>upgrade" to update the various packages on my system. It ran fine with 
>no errors and updated around 140 packages. It upgraded kde to 3.5 
>(kdebase-3.5.0-1.2.fc4.kde). Everything seems okay *except* I went to 
>try to add "Home Folder" to the panel next to the kde menu (left hand 
>side). I right clicked on the panel to bring up the "Add ... to Panel" 
>menu, but "Home Folder" was not listed. I then looked at the kde menu 
>and found that "Home Folder" was listed as "Actions->System Menu-> Home 
>Folder". I then tried to go into the panel configuration utility 
>("Actions->Settings->Desktop->Panels") and interestingly enough it came 
>up, but had nothing on it. The window had the typical "Help", 
>"Defaults", "OK", "Apply", "Cancel" buttons at the bottom, but otherwise 
>the window was blank.
>Does anyone have a suggestion here about whats going on?
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