[kde-linux] kdevelop and mysql

Lasse Liehu lliehu at kolumbus.fi
Mon Dec 19 11:33:31 UTC 2005

Chris Kostakis kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika maanantai 19 joulukuu 2005 
>  I am trying to create a c project and two files I require are libxml2  and
>  mysql.h.   If i just hit build it doesn't know where the files are and I
> get a file not found error.
>  If I edit the makefile I can get it to work appropriately but running the
> "run automake and friends" option under the build menu will overwrite it
> and break it.
>  I have been digging around the kdevelop help and menus for hours and I
> still cant seem to get it right.

Maybe you should tell where the (include) files are. When project is open, 
click "Automake Manager" from te right of the page area. Then in there you 
can see the area splitted to two areas with toolbars. Click the lower's 
area's toolbar's the right-handed button "Configuration". Then there go to 
tab "Libraries" and in there tab click "Add"-button.

Hope this helped a bit.


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