[kde-linux] Konqueror css style sheets

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Dec 18 07:02:16 UTC 2005

LostSon wrote:
> Hello All 
>  I am trying to create a css stylesheet for my Konqueror web browsing profile 
> so that Konqueror only uses the fonts i specify to use. Unfortunately I am 
> not having any luck. I know this is possible as if i use the "use 
> accessibility stylesheet defined in "Customize"-tab it it works but then it 
> also only lets you render in white on black or black on white or a specified 
> color scheme of my choosing. This is nice but it strips my site and others of 
> things i want to see.  So I am trying to use a user defined stylesheet to 
> accomplish this but am having no luck . Are there any css guru's who could 
> give me a hand or at least a starting point to get going with, if this is 
> even possible, thanks.

The default CSS for KHTML is:



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