[kde-linux] Audacity Recording Problem

Alain alainm at pobox.com
Wed Dec 14 21:13:02 UTC 2005

Let me report a possibly related problem:

When I use some audio programs (like Amarok) in my Mandriva 2006 only a 
strong white noise is heard, and sometimes a small white noise remains 
forever until the next boot.

Some programs don't do that. The same machine with Mandrake 10 was ok.

My sound system is ALi5451 and driver is snd-ali5451


Maurice Arthur escreveu:
> Hi KDE users
> Has any KDE Mandriva 2006 had Audacity recording problem when run as a user.
> Audacity will not record audio unless started in Root
> This has never been a recording problem in Mandarke version 10
> Just interested to hear from any KDE users of Audacity
> Maurice

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