[kde-linux] Routing sound from one machine to another

Agron Selimaj agron at 7kosova.com
Wed Dec 14 06:08:18 UTC 2005


I have two machines one with many sound cards (I call it MultiMedia Machine - 
MMM) and the another one with no sound cards (Power Machine - PM) at all.

Today I learned about this "Networked sound" feature which I got it to work 
but not completely.

On the MMM I entered -u -p 5000 on the General tab of the Sound System from 

On the Power Machine  I set an environment variable 
and I checked off the "Enable sound system" from the General tab of the Sound 
System from KCentre but on the PM machine.

Now commandline tools like artsplay and artscat do work. But nothing else 
works. noatun complains about not finding artsd. 

The other problem is that Sound System page does not come up anymore. I get 
the hourglass spinning for a minute and then it stops an the Sound System 
page never comes up.

What is the idea behind artsd? Is it to provide "networked sound" to all kde 
applications or to its own command line tools only?

If not, what do I have to do to have notification sounds and other arts 
compatible programs route their sound output to my MultiMedia Machine.



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