[kde-linux] Problem defining remote CUPS printer

Robin Atwood robin.atwood at attglobal.net
Sun Dec 11 03:46:13 UTC 2005

I have a small LAN in my apartment and I am trying to print from the notebook 
to the printer attached to the desktop. All services seem to work, I can use 
XDM and ssh and the other hosts show up in the LAN browser. There is an 
iptables rule allowing all protocols and services for local addresses. But 
when I try to use KCC->Peripherals->Printers->Add Printer Wizard, when I get 
to the panel with the list of ipp printers, nothing is shown. I played around 
with the CUPS server settings and managed to broadcast the printer definition 
to the notebook from the desktop, but when I printed something the output 
disappears: it is on neither machines' spool. It seems I am almost there but 
have missed something! Anybody got a clue?

Robin Atwood.

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