[kde-linux] Strange error dialogs when modifying permissions in KDE

9A4172 9a4172 at bk.ru
Sat Dec 10 01:57:00 UTC 2005

  Hello, all!

  I have a trouble in the fresh installed KDE 3.5.0. When I change permissions 
for file (for example, the file "/home/ice/somefile.txt" in Konqueror) 
permissions are changing successfully but also the standard KDE error dialog 
with message "file:///home/ice/somefile.txt" appears. If I select other file 
or directory this dialog appears with the file or directory name in message. 
  This problem appears not only in Konqueror but everywhere using standard 
file properties dialog. After displaying error dialog there is a message is 
outputting to 1st console:
konqtree: WARNING: KonqSidebarDirTreeModule::slotRefreshItems can't find old 
entry for file:///home/ice/somefile.txt
  These error dialogs appears for new user also (with default KDE settings). 
And I never heard about such problems.
  I compiled KDE 3.5.0 from sources from kde.org with gcc-4.0.2. The distro is 
Fedora Core 4.

  Thanks for replies.

With best regards,

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