[kde-linux] How to enable multiple clocks in the panel

Julien Le Nestour jlenestour at imap.cc
Sat Aug 20 15:59:29 UTC 2005

On Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:43:51 +0100, "Derek S. Anderson"
<scott_anderson at blueyonder.co.uk> said:
> Simplest method = right click on the panel, > Add to panel > Add applet > 
> Clock. Configure the new clock which should appear to whatever time zone
> you 
> want. The name of the time zone will appear in the lower section of the 
> applet, and the time displayed will be of that time zone, if all has gone 
> well.
> Removing the applet afterwards is as simple as right click on the panel > 
> Remove from panel > Remove applet > Clock. A slight bug in this is that
> all 
> the clocks appear simply as 'clock', so some guesswork is required,
> although 
> as a rule the last clock added will appear at the top of the menu.
> S.

Thanks a lot, I now have several clocks on my desktop :-)

I just had another question: I ahve been fighting with my clock for a
long time to get a display with the date below the time, not as it is
currently, with the date next to the time. From some screenshots I have
found during my searches, I have seen this kind of display, but I
couldn't get my clock to have it. Maybe, it is related to the fact that
my panel is set in a "tiny" size?

That wasn't much a problem with one clock, but now that I have my
beautiful four clocks... :-)

Thanks a lot Scott

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