[kde-linux] Time to switch to gnome?

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sat Aug 13 17:18:12 UTC 2005

Thomas Taylor wrote:

> After three attempts to get help from this list or kde.org without
> results, I'm about ready to switch to gnome.
> Original configuration was using system-config-printer with both printers

IIRC, system-config-printer is a Gnome application for RedHat distros.  You
might also try posting to the appropriate RedHat list.  RedHat is
unabashedly a Gnome distro... even if you choose KDE as your desktop.

When you go to the KDE control center and then go to Peripherals ->
Printers... click on the desired printer.  Then post all the information in
the "Information" window to the list.

Any general info about your CUPS config would also be helpful.  E.g. point a
web browser to http://localhost:631/printers and report that info for the

Someone else also suggested creating a new user and testing that out. 
That's a good idea, too.  It helps to pinpoint the error.



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