[kde-linux] Printing problem - 2nd request (no ideas?)

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Wed Aug 10 18:06:18 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 10 August 2005 02:27, Eike Lantzsch wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 July 2005 21:07, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> > Hi All:
> >
> > Since changing from FC3 to FC4 (KDE 3.4.1-0.fc4.1 Red Hat) I've had a
> > problem trying to print from KDE apps.  The problem only applies to the
> > KDE apps, everything else (Firefox, Abiword, etc) prints correctly.
> [snip]
> Did you try KDE "Print System" / "KDE Print Settings" / "Filter" and move
> your printer filter (here it's HP920C) from the left list into the right
> one? This did the trick for me.
> Cheer, Eike

That made no difference when I did it several months ago.  Still set that way, 
still not working.

Thanks, Tom

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