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Asunto: to  stable/l10n-kde4 or not, that's the question
De:     "Albert Astals Cid" <aacid en kde.org>
Fecha:  Lun, 7 de Enero de 2008, 4:44 pm
Para:   "KDE i18n-doc" <kde-i18n-doc en kde.org>


  Today I've been speaking today with Dirk about stable/l10n-kde4 and we
reached a point where we were not sure what to do, so i'll explain the
situation and let you people say your opinion, as you will be the
final "users" of the decision.

So the possibilities are:

	a) Create stable/l10n-kde4 now and make it process messages of KDE 4.0.x and
make trunk/l10n-kde4 process KDE 4.1 messages

	b) Keep using trunk/l10n-kde4 for KDE 4.0.x and create stable/l10n-kde4 and
switch trunk/l10n-kde4 to process KDE 4.1 when real KDE 4.1 is nearer (say
around beta 1 or so)

Pros and Cons:

a) Is clearer in a conceptual way, that's a pro, but in the other side, it
will create a problem having to move KDE 4.0 improved translations from
the stable branch to the trunk branch for 4.1 and having two branches
always makes people get lost easier

b) Solves the two cons that a) option has, that's good, the only problem i
there is that it makes it impossible to translate 4.1, but anyone wants to
translate 4.1 so early? I think starting to translate it around beta 1 is
more than enough.

Both Dirk and me are leaning towards option b) as we think it makes things
more simple but we greatly value your opinion, so please, tell us what you


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