[Kde-bindings] Re: [Kde-java] Should we ditch support for Sun's JDK in favour of Free Software?

Werner Punz werpu at gmx.at
Sun Apr 18 07:19:34 CEST 2004

Richard Dale wrote:

>On Friday 16 April 2004 14:26, Werner Punz wrote:
>>>I thought everyone who used Eclipse was mad on SWT - they never talk about
>>>QtJava or KDE Koala java, so I didn't think there was any interest out
>>>there. But I don't really think like the people who post on JavaLobby,
>>>I'm not a java advocate, it's just a programming language to me. So it's
>>>difficult for me to tell who they see non-Swing, non-SWT development GUI
>>No in fact I prefer Swing for my own guis and just love eclipse because
>>it is a really good tool. SWT has lots of shortcomings itself (for
>>instance performing lousier than Swing on Linux given the latest JDKs,
>>looking uglier etc...)
>I amazed SWT is even uglier and slower than these new JDKs which I personally 
>can't use.
You might contact the blackdown.org developers, maybe and
ask them how you can access the sources so that you
can roll your own jdk for PPC-Linux (maybe there is a debian package
also in the repository)

The blackdown 1.4.2RC1 is the best JDK I have seen on Linux so far.
As for SWT, it all comes down to one problem, GKT2 is rather slow 
compared to other toolkits and I never really liked the rather limited 
design of eclipse regarding tables and other user interface items.
The funny thing is if you run SwingSet2 and Eclipse on Blackdowns jdk 
Linux side by side eclipse thanks to GTK2 is almost twice as slow as 
SwingSet 2. Almost every aspect of the user interface is slower 
beginning from menus and ending with scrolling.
I am not sure how the Blackdown people really achieved this amazing 
speed, but my guess is they must have rooted several java2d functions 
into opengl, like FLTK does.

>>Eclipse simply is the best IDE you can get for free currently.
>>KDevelop although being nice still is miles away unfortunately.
>Would it be easy to do QtJava and Koala KDE java project templates for 
>Eclipse? There is one in KDevelop, so it might be possible to adapt that - it 
>has placeholders for the classnames, which get replaced with the actual 
>classname when you start a new project. It should be a matter of replacing 
>the placeholders in the sources with whatever Eclipse has as an equivalent. 
>What if you do a plugin or template - do they accept patches and put them in 
>their cvs, or would we need to maintain it in kdebindings?
>-- Richard
I haven´t had a look at the template mechanisms of a Eclipse, but a 
friend of mine once told me that creating new templates in eclipse is 
rather easy.

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