[Kde-java] QTableSignals Interface

Felix Rodriguez kde-java@kde.org
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:58:27 -0500


   Thanks. That was driving me crazy. So crazy in fact, that I found a work 
around. I actually overrode the doubleClickEvent method and emitted my own 
signal. That seems to do the job. I am hesitant to put your patch in 
because I plan on releasing the application to the general public and I 
want to make sure that I don't deviate from the java kdebindings that come 
with kde. Is this patch going to be included in future a future version of 
the java-kde-qt bindings?

   By the way thanks for doing such a great job with the java kde/qt 
bindings. I am a java developer at work and have gotten accustomed to using 
Borland's JBuilder. I love the fact that I can use JBuilder to write my own 
KDE applications. This is much easier than using C++ to build my KDE apps.

At 12:45 PM 1/17/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I sent a mail last night with the attached sources uncompressed, and it got
>blocked by the 40k limit on this list. So here it is again a bit smaller
>On Thursday 16 January 2003 3:43 pm, Felix Rodriguez wrote:
> > Does anyone know how to use the QTableSignals Interface with QTable. I am
> > try to connect a slot with the doubleClicked signal emitted from the
> > QTable. I discovered that all the QTable signals are located in the
> > QTableSignals interface. So I implemented the QTableSignals interface along
> > with extending the same class from QTable. I then try to connect a slot to
> > the doubleClicked signal and nothing happens. I know I must be missing a
> > step somewhere. Thanks.
>This is a bug in the code that maps between the java signal type and the C++
>one. In QTable the doubleClicked signal is 'int, int, int, const QPoint&'.
>But there was only a mapping for  'int, int, int, const QPoint', not QPoint
>as a reference, so it didn't work. Please find new versions of
>JavaSlot.cpp/.h attached with a fix. Copy the sources to
>kdebindings/qtjava/javalib/qtjava and rebuild and reinstall the bindings.
>I need to find if the signal type 'int, int, int, const QPoint' is used
>anywhere in Qt, otherwise I'll remove it.
>The interfaces like QTableSignals are just for documentary purposes, you 
>have to implement the methods, they just tell you what java type signatures
>to use when connecting up signals.
>-- Richard

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