[Kde-java] Installation Question

Gert-Jan van der Heiden kde-java@kde.org
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:36:43 +0100

Marco Ladermann wrote:
> >Just to repeat: The only way I got it running with every JVM (including
> >1.4.1) is to bind the lib against -lqt and NOT -lqt-mt. And frankly, I
> >prefer to modify the jni-libraries instead of restricting the JVM.

I agree on not restricting the JVM's. But I disagree on linking it to qt 
instead of qt-mt, let Richard have a look at that threading stuff. The 
kdelibs are linked against qt-mt. If a Java application also needs to load 
the qt library, the startup time would increase. This might not be nessacary. 

Richard Dale wrote:
> But I had to build the bindings and KDE with gcc 2.95, because KDE wouldn't
> start up when I built it with gcc 3.2.1. It seemed to be something to do
> with dynamic casts seg faulting. But the same compiler worked fine on my
> iMac with an older Linux with glibc 2.2.3 - weird. So I've just downloaded
> gcc 3.2.2, and I'll see if that works - I hope it does because I'm keen to
> get gcj working and build/install suitable gcj interface libs for the
> bindings by default.

I've build qtjava & koala with gcj 3.2 (packaged with SuSE 8.1) and my 
application ran without a problem! Also the tests provided with kdejava 
worked fine, even the ones that crash with a JVM (if not using the classic 

Starting my application the first time took some time, because the runtime 
environment of gcj needed to load. The second time it started just like any 
other application: FAST!