[Kde-java] Re: javabindings

Gert-Jan van der Heiden kde-java@kde.org
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 10:45:32 +0100

KConfig.java has a deprecated tag, but the KConfig in kdelibs hasn't. The 
defaultUserAgent that is being referred hasn't got anything todo with 
KConfig. See below,I added the header comments of the Java and de C++ 
version. Looks like something went wrong?

 @deprecated Use KProtocolManager.defaultUserAgent() instead. 
 See {@link KConfigSignals} for signals emitted by KConfig.


 @short * @deprecated Use KProtocolManager::defaultUserAgent() instead.

* Access KDE Configuration entries.
* This class implements KDE's default configuration system.
* @author Kalle Dalheimer <kalle@kde.org>, Preston Brown <pbrown@kde.org>
* @version $Id: kconfig.h,v 1.51 2002/09/28 12:28:47 tjansen Exp $
* @see KGlobal::config(), KConfigBase, KSimpleConfig
* @short KDE Configuration Management class