[Kde-imaging] libksane, do not compile...

Kåre Särs kare.sars at iki.fi
Mon Sep 28 08:57:01 CEST 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Hi,
> Current code from libksane do not compile with KDE 4.2.2 and Qt 4.5.0
> (Mandriva 2009.1)
> idgets/labeled_slider.cpp:94: erreur: no matching function for call to
>  ‘KIntSpinBox::setSuffix(const KLocalizedString&)’
> /usr/lib/qt4/include/QtGui/qspinbox.h:82: note: candidats sont: void
> QSpinBox::setSuffix(const QString&)

Commit 989660 by Andrius Štikonas: "Use KIntSpinBox instead of QSpinBox for 
better integration with KDE. As a bonus this allows to use plural suffix in 
spinboxes since KDE 4.3 if necessary."

As the commit message says, this commit adds the use of KIntSpinBox that 
provides the new plural suffix in spinboxes. The feature was introduced in KDE 
4.3, so that is the reason for not compiling.

Kåre Särs

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