[Kde-imaging] printimages optionpage (help needed)

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at kde.org
Sat May 16 00:45:21 CEST 2009

Angelo Naselli wrote:
> Hi 
> I've released, i'f i'm not mistaken printimages full funcionalities now.
> I need help to fix gui though, i will test it on my netbook, but i'm almost
> sure is too big. Can some designer guru help me?

I finally worked on it this evening. Please test attached patch.

A few remarks:
- The intro page is not useful, it should go IMHO.

In the "Info Page":
- I think the "Captions" combobox should be turn into a set of
QRadioButtons. This is left as an exercise for the maintainer :)
- The lineedit + browse button should be replaced with a KUrlRequester

In the "Photo Page":
- The way to print an image multiple times is not really intuitive. I
suggest adding a second column to the "Print order" list, and make this
column editable with an inline QSpinBox.
- I turned the "up", "down", "<" and ">" buttons into QToolButton to
easily enable turn them into arrows, but it would probably be better to
go back to QPushButton with proper KDE arrow icons.

Is it OK to commit?

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