[Kde-imaging] printwizard issue

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Mon Nov 3 23:24:06 CET 2008

Well I cleaned up the includes because Gilles asked me to. Nothing is broken 
and no code has been removed. If includes are missing while completing the 
porting, it is easy to add them again :-) But I guess most of them where not 
used or the includes where double (declared in header files and CPP files).
Also some includes that should been added where not added, which could be seen 
when putting the own include files on top of the include chain.
Wizard.cpp and another file that I can't remember now had not their own header 
files included, so actually this clean up wasn't that wrong.

If you think it was bad, we can revert it again.
Also why not enable it in CMakeLists? This is trunk and as long as it compiles 
it can be enabled. If you don't want to enable it, why add it to trunk?
My removeredeyes batch plugin is also far from good, but I added and enabled 
it. Everybody who is using trunk should know that is is under (heavy) 

Anyway I apologize for cleaning up the includes if that really bothered you 
that much. Next time I will ask :-)


On Monday 03 November 2008 22:32:24 Angelo Naselli wrote:
> Hi, why have you enabled printwizard?
> it's really far to be ok... Moreover it wasn't completely ported
> so maybe before cleaning what it could be not necessary i'd have
> expected the end...
> Thanks,

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